Gluten-free on a shoestring bakes bread: cookbook review

The biggest hurdle to living a gluten-free lifestyle is what to do about bread. In my experience, the gluten-free varieties that you can find in the grocery store is not only expensive, but it's just not that good. The loaves are tiny too. A lot read more

Guide to gluten-free flour blends

Here's a great infographic that has some interesting information about the various flour blend alternatives to wheat flour. For instance, did you know that Coconut flour is high in fiber? It's number one in the top 5 gluten-free flours. Who read more

Hit the Road with Gluten-Free Travel Snacks

For many American families, summer means road trips—and for families who eat gluten-free, road trips mean searching for snacks that won’t make them sick. What are you supposed to do when stopping for lunch isn’t as easy as pulling up to the highway read more

Two gluten-free flour blends

One of the things that is a bit tedious about many gluten-free recipes is the increased number of ingredients. When I ran across these 'make-ahead' flour mixes, I was thrilled! Though it obviously takes some time to make the mixes, once you've read more

The Difficulty of Gluten-Free Brewing

For many of my friends who are gluten intolerant, one of the biggest losses was the enjoyment of a cold draft after a long hot summer day.  There are very few gluten-free brews on the market and none of them are particularly amazing. I hear a lot of read more

Easy gluten free snacks for kids and adults

Here are some suggestions for some simple gluten free snacks for kids and grownups alike. Stuffed Celery Cut full celery stalks in half crossways. Spread cream cheese in the middle. Dot the cream cheese with raisins, dried cherries, or for extra read more

5 Texture Tips for Gluten Free Baking

Until they need to go gluten free, most people never give a thought to the role gluten plays in their baked goods. It is gluten that makes baked goods bind. The proteins in gluten arrange themselves to trap gas bubbles. Their alignment also provides read more