Gluten Intolerance Symptoms – How Do You Know If Gluten Is Making You Sick?

How do you recognize the symptoms of gluten intolerance? Research indicates that sensitivity to gluten, whether mild forms of gluten intolerance or the more serious celiac disease, affects approximately 15% of the U.S. population. Are you one of these people?

What the heck is Gluten?

Gluten is a protein found naturally in wheat, rye, and barley. Gluten intolerance is an adverse reaction to gluten. Symptoms of gluten intolerance may be varied and come on slowly over a period of time, thus making it hard to pinpoint, like many food intolerances.

What is celiac disease?

Celiac disease is an immune system reaction to gluten. Celiac disease damages the small intestine and makes it hard for your body to absorb the nutrients in food and because of this, malnutrition is a serious symptom of the disease.

It takes just a small amount of gluten to cause intestinal damage in persons with celiac disease, which is why it is so important for them to avoid gluten.

Celiac disease is serious. While about 1% of Americans have been diagnosed with this disorder, it has been estimated that many more are undiagnosed. Some estimate that 1 out of every 133 Americans may have celiac disease.

So what are the specific symptoms of gluten intolerance and celiac disease?

The symptoms of gluten sensitivity are varied and can sometimes seem unrelated. Because of this, some people may not suspect that gluten is what’s making them feel bad. Some lists of symptoms contain over 200 items! With a list like that, it may seem at first impossible to determine whether gluten is the culprit.

One thing to pay attention to is how you feel after consuming various foods. While eating a vegetable salad or piece of fruit may not affect you, the bloating and nausea you feel after that sandwich on wheat bread or slice of pizza might be telling you something. Usually, people start to see a pattern if they are vigilant about keeping track of their diet.

Since gluten intolerance stems from the body’s inability to digest gluten properly, it probably comes as no surprise that many symptoms are gastrointestinal, such as

  • Stomach pain or bloating
  • Gas and/or cramps
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Acid Reflux (GERD)
  • Heartburn
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

What may surprise you is that many people with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease also experience other non-gastrointestinal symptoms that seem unrelated, such as

  • Anemia
  • Weight Loss or Weight Gain
  • Canker sores
  • Aching joints
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Itchy skin
  • Rash or hives
  • Headaches
  • Irritability and behavioral changes
  • Fat in the stools (due to poor digestion)
  • Slow infant and child growth

The thing is, just like lots of other conditions, every individual with gluten intolerance is different. Some people are able to tolerate small amounts of gluten without experiencing negative symptoms. For others, even small amounts of gluten can trigger a response.

Not everyone will experience the same symptoms either, and that’s what makes diagnosing gluten intolerance a challenge sometimes.

How to diagnose celiac disease and gluten intolerance

It can be challenging to diagnose gluten intolerance and celiac disease simply because of the variety of symptoms. The symptoms are also similar to other diseases and conditions.

Doctors can now do a test to determine if there are elevated levels of antibodies to gluten in the blood. It is important that you eat a normal diet before getting tested for gluten intolerance. Many people mistakenly stop consuming gluten before deciding to get tested, but you must continue to eat foods with gluten before the tests or otherwise, your test will be useless.

Testing isn’t perfect by any means, and no test will determine beyond a doubt whether you have celiac disease. If your blood test indicates that you may have sensitivity to gluten, and your doctor strongly suspects you have celiac disease, he may suggest that you have a biopsy of your small intestine to determine if there is any damage.

If you are interested in learning more about the health care field, there are many different programs to assist you. Click here to see what is offered.

Your Turn. What Are Your Experiences?

Have you had some of the symptoms of gluten intolerance? Have you been tested? What things have you found to be most helpful in living a gluten-free lifestyle and following a gluten-free diet? Leave your comments!

P.S. We’ve got a helpful list of gluten-free foods to help you. It also includes a list of foods you should avoid.

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  1. Danielle says:

    For the last several months I have been going to the bathroom 7-8 times a day with either semi normal stools for diarrhea. I can eat something and then need to go to the bathroom within 10 minutes, ,like pizza, pasta, muffins…etc. I have had terrible migraines for a long time but thought that they were like my mom’s, genetic. It has gotton so bad recently that it is so “inflamed” down there it feels like acid when it comes out (diarrhea). I have had constant migraines and have been exhausted. I know no one wants to talk about going #2 but that is most of my symptoms with gas and migraines. I don’t ever have stomach problems. So I went gluten free for 3 days last week and felt like the “fog” had lifted and my stools went more back to normal and not one migrane. Then on Sunday we went to a friends house, and omg everything she made had gluten in it. I know that it is supposed to take a while to see a result, but I am miserable. The next day I had a migraine, back to 7 stools a day and today I am still miserable. I had the celiac blood test done and it was negative. So I am assuming that I am gluten intolerant right?

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Everyone, I have been doing some research on gluten intolerance/ celiac disease due to issues my 9 year daughter has been experiencing. We have been seeing a GI Dr for about year and a half but still trying to figure out what is going on. She has been having stomach pain quite a bit almost every day for quite sometime as well as not gaining weight and constipation issues. The Dr has been treating her constipation issues and acid reflux . She is on Prevcid for the acid reflux but still having issues. She has been gaining weight again . She has been tested twice already for celiac diease, gluten allergy etc every blood test comes back negative. Currently she is on a dairy free diet because she has complained for stomach pain after eating ice cream. She has been dairy free for 1 week and things are not getting better. I do not think she has a dairy allergy . She had blood work to test for food allergies all came back negative. However the more I read about the symptoms of gluten intolerance the more I think she may have it. The nausea, headaches, stomach pains,constipation and irritability although that may partly be due to the lack of sleep because of the stomach issues . The Dr plans to repeat the labs CDC/w DIFF ,ESR,CRP, CMP,TTG EMA and Hemoccult cards if issues are not resolved with the dairy free diet. I’m ready to put her on gluten free diet to see if that helps but I know you need to still consume gluten if labs are going to be done. Sorry for the long post but so frustrated that we still don’t have answers and all the issues are taking a toll on my daughter . Thanks for the article it has been helpful as well as reading the comments below of what others are experiencing

  3. Hi all, I have suffered with stomach problems for most of my life, and I am a vegetarian, I told my doctor some 20 years ago I had helicobacter pylori, which he said no until I had positive blood test, then he treated it, still had problems mostly nausea,had 3 endoscopy, gastritis found yet more tablets, symptoms as well were metal taste now a bitter taste, 4 years ago started to get sore squeaky hoarse throat, camera checked nose throat which was OK, but still symptoms persist, doc gives 4 months of Omeprazole and said it would clear up the Gastritis, I now have nausea, very strong burning, do not feel like eating, so its got worse, did have gluten checks a few years ago which was clear,Doctors tomorrow,5ft 9in, 9 stones, 64 and fairly fit,I have lost my faith in doctors,now.

  4. Hi there, I’ve been scouring the internet to try to find an answer. I am having a scope done next week Andy specialist will be doing the biopsy to test for celiac. We have not been successful with the blood test as I am not able to eat a gluten diet for more than a couple of days with out having a full out flare up. Do you know if you need to eat a gluten diet for the biopsy to come back positive for celiac? My specialist does not know the answer and I want it to be accurate. Any info?

  5. Hi.Now I’m 43 and always tired without energy. More I eat food ,more I feel have no energy. I feel pain all my boday with pain in my hand and foot’s joints. Sometimes they are swelled too. In my blood test sometimes I had low vit D and ferritin that the doctor gave me supplemnet. I have bloating, pain in my abdomen,heavy and painful menstruation too.
    It seems my situation becomes worse every day. Now days depression add to my fatigue because it is so hard for me to do even my daily works. I’ve been in this situation for about ten years.Even I took anti-depresant for a period of time one years ago but nothing changed.I’ve gone to many different doctor but none of them have spoken about Gluten intolerance.
    Three months ago I went to homeopath for getting diet for losing weight.He gave me a diet without bread for 20 days. It consisted of meats and fruits and vegetables without oil. During that diet I felt better without any pain. At that time I didn’t know about Gluten intolerance. It has been about three days I’ve noticed that I maybe suffer from this disease. What do you think,it is better to speak with doctor about Gluten intolerance(that could be a hard job in my country, because most of them couldn’t accept patients’ recognitions) or go to gluten free diet with myself?
    Thank you so much

    • Hi Haleh,
      There’s nothing to stop you from eating a gluten free diet on your own for a few weeks and see how you feel. If your symptoms get better, then you can continue that course. Can’t hurt.

  6. Carly Phillips says:

    I have 3 aunts who have this, and it never struck me as something I would have till recently. Recently, I have noticed that my stomach feels sorta bad alot, all day, for several days. Its not anything woman related, its not passing, and I know for definate its not pregnancy- no nothing like that, its this annoying sorta like the flu but no other symptoms going on for the flu- for many days lately, I wake up with it I go to bed with it, it eases off a bit but comes back. I have some other symtoms, my teeth are not strong the enamel not strong, my gums often ache- even though I brush. I have high blood pressure( sometimes very) and acid reflux as well, the infographic I saw on here, showed clearly several things which go on in my daily health. So I am definately interested and want to know if I inherited this too, I have alot of things some I mentioned which I got through my family tree, and these things can spring up you dont have to be any particular age, My cousin has gluten intolerance too so its a strong marker that I very well could since several members of my close extended family do on my Mom’s side. I cant fathom why else I am feeling so rotten lately, as things like Tums do no good, its not common upset stomach- I still feel the same even if I take those.

    • It sounds like it may be worth your time to get tested Carly. But you have to make sure you are eating gluten and eating normally before you get tested.

      Another option is to eliminate gluten from your diet for a week or two and see how you feel.

      It’s worth talking to your physician to get to the bottom of things.

  7. There seems to be a huge amount of information about gluten intolerance around at the moment. I haven’t ever really had any symptoms that particularly led me to think I was gluten sensitive but I did try excluding wheat to see if it would improve my allergies. After 6 moths I couldn’t really say things had improved, but I did find that when I went back to eating bread it made me feel pretty rubbish. I absolutely love wholemeal bread – nothing else comes close as far as I’m concerned! Now I limit myself to one slice a week – toasted and eaten with a boiled egg on Sunday morning. If nothing else this has led to considerable weight loss over time although the jury is out as to whether this is a result of limiting gluten or limiting carbs.

  8. I’ve been doing a ton of reading on gluten intolerance/senssitivy/celiac disease and I am pretty sure I have a gluten intolerance. In 2005 I started having abnormal bowel movements and a lot of gas. I ended up having a colonoscopy and nothing was found. The Dr. had told me I “probably” had IBS. I went off on my own and did research and realized that when I followed suggestions from a great IBS book I felt a lot better. For the last 9 yrs I have followed this book and I have also cheated immensely on my diet. I upped my carb intake because of the soluble fiber and for the most part eliminated dairy, all meat except white meat chicken and fish. Fruits and veggies have been tough for me to digest due to certain skin and seeds. The list goes on. For several months in 2014 I was actually feeling really good as I started taking super foods, apple cider vinegar, acacia powder, and some other things. For the first time in 9 years I was feeling pretty darn good and going to the bathroom pretty much “normal”….normal for me that is. And then at the very beginning of March it all fell a part. I spent a weekend with family and ate all sorts of stuff including A LOT of gluten (although at the time I did not realize it). Since March I haven’t had 1 regular bowel movement and the flatulence I had been dealing with for the past 9 yrs got significantly worse. To be honest, I don’t even want to be near me because it is soooooooo foul.

    Last week I ate seitan (pure wheat gluten) – 2 pieces along with a small salad and some quinoa. Well, about 45 mins after eating it I started feeling like I had to go to the bathroom + pass gas, then I started salivating, my stomach was bloated and I felt like I had a severe stomach ache. The pain in my stomach got worse. Luckily I got home and for the next 4 hours I laid on my couch in the fetal position in so much pain.

    I am pretty positive that I have a gluten intolerance because of my symptoms and the fact that the pain doesn’t come from eating say, fruit veggies, chicken,or fish that I prepare at home. I will be going for blood tests soon as well as a parasite test just to be sure it is not anything else.

    Anyway, just wanted to share that…..

    I am nervous though because I am now SO SO SO limited on what I can eat. IBS + gluten intolerance = terrible combination with nothing I can eat


  9. Thanks for the article! I’m 25 years old and I’ve suffered from stomach pains and constipation most of my life. I also have Keratosis Pilaris (also known as ‘chicken skin’ on the back of your arms) which I’ve read can be a symptom of gluten intolerance as well, and that seems to have gotten worse for the last few years (I went to a doctor with it few years ago and have been told that it’s genetic and I can’t do anything about it..). I have recently realised that my symptoms, especially constipation and bloating occur mostly after I’ve had foods such as pizza, dumplings, pasta, biscuits, cookies or cakes. Sometimes it gets really painful and uncomfortable! Starting from today, I am going to go gluten free for few weeks and see what happens. I will let you know how it went!

  10. I’ve not been diagnosed w/Celiac but have had so many of the symptoms described for close to 2 yrs. My dr’s will not test for Celiac b/c they feel I probably have IBS. However for the past 2 yrs my food list has depleted and I’ve always been a very healthy eater. And regardless of my healhy food choices I’ve gained 18 lbs in the past 2 yrs. I have daily migraines, stomach pains, constipation and so forth. I’ve been doing a lot of reserch on gluten intolerance and i’ve decided to try gluten free for the next 3 wks to see how i feel. I’m desparate and will try anything at this point. It’s refreshing to read others stories and see that they have been able to find a fix for their pains…

    • Hi Kat,
      I think your strategy is a good one. Go gluten-free for several weeks and see what happens. Be REALLY careful: eliminate all gluten-containing foods from your house and make sure to consult the list of gluten-free foods we have here so you don’t accidentally consume it in a product where it is hidden.

      Come back and report to us how it went!

  11. Hi! So this is my story… About 9 months ago my 4 yr old had an allergic reaction to his antibiotic( penicillin ) a month later he started developing headaches knee pain and stomach aches, now cause. He’s 4 it’s really hard for him to express what kind of pain he has. For 8 months he’s been suffering with these pains , I went to the doctors multiple times they told me to make a journal whenever he gets his pains. Long story short I ended up in emergency a couple of weeks ago, they passed a ct scan everything was beautiful, so that was checked off my list. Funny thing is they diagnosed hi, with abdominal migraines. Now my mother instincts knew that this was wrong they. Told me he would be like this for the rest of his life. You have to. Understand now that he was waking up in the middle of the night with severe headaches and stomach aches and I was scared shitless! Anyway, 3 weeks ago I had made pancakes and about 2 hours later my sons face turned white and he stared having a migraine and stomach ache. That’s when I decided shit it might be what he’s eating! So I’m happy to say he’s been headache free and stomach ache free for 2 weeks now since I changed his diet to gluten free. Next week he has an app with his doctor and I would like to know ( because I’m learning everything as it go now) what do I ask the doctor to test him if he has an intolerance, blood test? And another question could the reaction of the antibiotic have done something. To his intestine that made him have an intolerance to gluten? Because when I say this to a doctor they tell me of course not. Thank you so much for listening to my story :)

  12. I am finding this site and everyone’s comments very helpful. Since having my gallbladder removed last match after the birth of my daughter I have struggled with digestive problems. To the point where I don’t want to eat. I have had many trips back to the dr with no luck. My symptoms currently are constipation and diharea, gas/bloating, abdominal pain and cramping, consistent headaches and migraines, swelling of my fingers, nausea, anxiety and fatigue. All have now become severe. After doing some research I noticed that these are a lot of the symptoms. I’m due to go back to my surgeon tomorrow and they are all leading towards IBS. Is it worth getting tested or just cut it out on my own. I’m just sick of being in pain.

  13. Thanks for the information. My daughter has been on a roller coaster ride since she was born. Now she is 7 and not any better. I feel she is allergic to gluten but the Dr. Smith are still saying it’s constipation that is not under control. I look forward to reading more of your blog

  14. Hello! I stopped eating all gluten products for 6 1/2 weeks to see how it would make me feel, tonight I tested myself by eating a piece of bread. I now feel nauseous, my arms feel kind of weak, my stomach feels very “acidy” and my head is starting to hurt. It’s probably silly to ask but I want to make sure, Does this mean I may be gluten intolerant?

  15. I too had every test done but all negative. I have suffered from stomach aches, diarrhea, bloating, exhaustion all my life, and on and on. After having a grandson diagnosed with gluten intolerance, and of course, being a good grandma decided to learn about it so I could bake him cookies, I was startled to see that I had a LOT of symptoms. Eventually I decided to go gluten free “just to see what happens”. I stopped the gluten for 1 week then ate a plate a regular pasta. Wow, talk about an eye opener! My symptoms were severe itching of the scalp on the back of my head, migraines, “lead” arms and legs, exhaustion so bad I was beginning to think I had chronic fatigue syndrome, early onset cataracts (had to have those removed), arthritis of the knees, stomach cramps, inflammed intestines, diarrhea, & depression. All are gone! Except when I accidentally ingest gluten. In fact, turns out I’m so sensitive that I can’t even kiss my husband if he is eating something with gluten in it!! Eating out is a big issue but many restaurants are getting better at it. I hope that anyone reading this article and suspects that they may have an intolerance to talk to their doctor and then try the gf diet. Can’t hurt.

  16. I struggled with figuring out a diagnosis for my symptoms for about 10 years, and I’m now 24 years old. I had every test under the sun done, including Celiac’s and all came up negative. I saw numerous Dr’s, specialists, and had many procedures performed to figure out what was going on. My symptoms included daily diarrhea, constipation, headaches, horrible abdominal pain, fatigue, hives on my neck/chest/face after eating, etc. I rarely was able to digest any food or get through a day without a painful stomach ache. I have also struggled with gaining weight my entire life and have always been considered underweight. After a few procedures I was diagnosed with GERD and IBS. I was treated with medication but continued to have the same issues. After much frustration and not getting any relief after so many trips to the Dr and hospitals I decided to try a Gluten Free diet on my own, as I felt the main issue was a food allergy. I felt that my diagnosis was just a symptom of what my real issue was. I have been Gluten Free for close to a year now and went from one painful stomach ache per day to only two within a year span. My symptoms literally disappeared after struggling with them my entire life. I can immediately tell if I have been cross contaminated with gluten because I get a horrible migraine and have stomach issues for about four days. The best thing that helped me convert to GF was first educating myself about it then doing the process. The book Wheat Belly is a fantastic way to get you converted. I highly recommend it. Hope this helps anyone!

  17. I have had a chance to read through a lot of the comments below and I will simply relate my experiences.

    Rashes behind the knees, elbows, waistline: check. Eczema. Why? Who knows. Eczema seems like the medical term for ‘who knows’. All of it is gone now.

    Our son has had stomach issues for years and I used to have stomach pain so bad I couldn’t get out of a desk at school when I was his age. I am a small guy so this isn’t a weight issue. I have always been pretty healthy.

    A few years ago I got to the point where food would not stay down. Finally went to a doctor and spent a year on medical tests, all negative (Hep A, B, C, celiac, sonogram, pig roast (upper and colonoscopy, etc.). I took the time to look up everything and had 3 direct hits on celiac symptoms but tested negative on the blood work. I stopped eating gluten at that time even though my doctor did not say a word. Now, every time I get sick (which is rare), I can find gluten in what I ate at some point. I have now been gluten-free for 2 years and our son is close to that timeframe. If I eat at home and control my food, I am fine. Dining out is a hit-or-miss.

    Try going GF and see if it helps For me and my son, 100% controlling the food preparation is the key. If I do it in-house, we never have issues. Eczema is a distant memory, yak-central is gone, bloating is gone, etc. Restaurants? Take a chance. When I get it into my system in any amount now it is 4 days to get through the worst parts. Too many line cooks just do not take it seriously. We also do not play food roulette with other folks. They will swear it has nothing in it but you can see a cutting board with bread crumbs and the same knife. Best to be polite, say no thank you, and have your veggies and GF products.

    Too many people having the same symptoms and clearing it up using GF products. Cook your own food and go to 100% GF restaurants or places that you know take it seriously.

    It has helped me and I hope the above helps someone else.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comments Alan. I am glad that avoiding gluten seems to have done the trick.

      You are right that eating in restaurants is hit and miss. A lot of cooks don’t take it seriously. And there can still be items that have some gluten in them which might cause a reaction in one person but not another.

  18. I have had iodine and milk product skin rashes for years. I also have intestinal issues thinking Ibs. Never imagined this could stem from another intolerance. Skin rashes have been controlled by an antihistamine each night. Also have numbness and tingling in hands. I am staring to think this is a gluten issue.

  19. Do people with gluten issues get to we’re they can’t walk?

    • Yes! Check out the symptoms of CIDP or GBS. I struggled with this disease (also mistakenly diagnosed as fibromyalgia) for YEARS. I went on low gluten and low sugar diet (through take shape for life). Eight weeks in to it, I felt amazing and had cut back on taking a ton of meds. I could tell when I ate badly because my body would have reaction to it. The proof it was a reaction? Beastly would clear it right up. Now that the holidays are over, I am getting back on the plan!

  20. Stephanie says:

    I’m 17 and I suffer from iron deficiency anaemia, depression, constipation, headaches, exhaustion and I’m irritable a lot of the time. I’m a recovering anorexic and even though a lot of these symptoms could be due to that, they have only started in the last 2 years whereas I’ve been recovering for over 4 now.
    To deal with my anaemia, I eat a lot of carbs to keep my energy going throughout the day but I’ve realised how bloated and terrible they make me feel. However, I think my doctor may have mis-diagnoised me as my iron levels were low but not dramatically low however I still suffer from all the symptoms with anaemia?
    How to I restrict gluten from my diet but keep my energy levels up?

    • @stephanie. Beans and rice will give you energy. And broccoli has a lot of iron. If you eat meat then throw some fish in too. But beans and rice have saved me in the past.

  21. If i feel hotter and feel dizzy, gain weight, bloated belly, and cramps, Am I gluten intolerant?

  22. I need some help here, I went to my homeopathic professional and she diagnosed me with anemia, and told me to cut gluten from my diet. The symptoms I had did match up with an intolerance to gluten but it also is similar to celiac disease and a host of other things as well. I need some advice here. How do I know which it is? I think being low iron is causing my symptoms,……anyone else out there with a wheat allergy or gluten intolerance?

  23. shannon says:

    I had a horrible infection called clostridium difficile which apparently “turned on” celiac disease I lost 30 lbs I now weigh 96lbs I have been completely gluten free, to the best of my knowledge, for 4 months now and still feel like crap cannot gain an ounce I have been in starvation mode a number of times now what the heck can I do to actually eat and gain and feel at least somewhat decent????? Help!

    • Eric Schmeester says:

      If I were you I would explore a low the high cbd cannabis to help stimulate your appetite.
      Many people may scoff at that recommendation, but I suffer from all of these symptoms as well, and finding the right natural medicine (cannabis) has saved my life.

  24. Wow! I may be having a wake-up call here. I’m 46 and a year ago tried a carb-free/slow carb diet. I lost approx. 10 pounds, but, more importantly, I FELT SO much better. Of course, like I do on many diets, I regained the 10 and went back to the carb lifestyle. Now for the last 6 months, I have been breaking out with a random rash, on my knee caps, elbows and thighs, and below my underwear line, that comes an goes. Until now, I’ve been blaming it on hormones (I also have been battling acne, which I NEVER had as a teen). In addition, I have been feeling horribly bloated after eating carbs, especially pasta. I was thinking it might be my gallbladder, but now I’m wondering if I’ve developed a gluten sensitivity. In fact, being suspicious, I ate gluten free pasta last night and did not feel the same sense of bloating afterwards. As much as I love my gluten-filled foods, I would LOVE to finally have an answer to this crummy feeling I’ve been wrestling with. Thanks for all the information! Does anyone have any recommendations as to what I do now? Is there a simple allergy test to find out for sure, or do I just start playing with my diet?

  25. Tenagnework says:

    My daughter is very thin for her age and didn’t increase on her weight since her four month age. she is 2years and 7 months now and 10 kg only. she was 3.2kg when she was born. she has a good appetite now but not at her first year age. the doctors says that nothing is wrong with her health. she has a long strip type line on her abdomen since hers early age. the mark is like straight line tarts from her upper stomach to under the umbilicus. but she has no other sins on her skin,no vomiting no abnormal stool. but have some allergy type rash some times. does this mean she is a gluten sensitive? or what eals could be that she didn’t increase on her weight?

  26. So I am just curious if anyone thinks all of the preservatives and other junk that is put in the wheat products might be the culprit instead of the actual wheat product? I have never had any problems with grains until about a year ago and now I have many of the symptoms listed with gluten intolerance. I also have a sensitivity to sulfites and can only drink certain brands of wines and also have to avoid MSG. Personally I find it scary that certain products never seems to mold, guessing the amounts of unnatural ingredients can’t be good for our bodies!

  27. hey! so I’m a 15 year old girl and I’m pretty sure I have a problem with Gluten. I have most of the symptoms and I’ve noticed they are a LOT worse after I eat a huge bowl of pasta or a ton of bread or pizza. I haven’t noticed a problem with just eating like a cookie or a pice of toast in the morning, but I was reading about gluten intolerance and I realized I had a lot to the symptoms and started to track when I felt them most and what I was eating at the time. I’m going to talk to my doctor but I really LOVE gluten heavy foods! And seeing as my dad is a pilot I travel a lot and really like eating food from places around the world and I’m worried that will have to end, and thats a huge passion of mine. Any advice? And is it true that some people can tollerate only small amounts but don’t have to remove it completely form their diets? or is that a myth?

  28. Hi everyone!
    I’m getting desperate! I always feel sick in my stomache and have headaches and get cramps in my stomache too. I’m just wondering if these have anything to do with Gluten? My mum rang a naturapath and they said it sounded like gluten. I would just like to know something though, does anyone just get nauseous at a random moment. I can be driving along then all of a sudden it hits me and i think i’m going to vomit! Does gluten affect anyone this way? I would appreciate any help i can get!

  29. hi there i was having stinging in muy intestines for a good few months taken no notice of it as it used to go away but the last 3 weeks it has hit me with a bang.. started with eating mcdonalds bang started getting pins and needles in hands and 3 weeks later still the same after i eat i feel like getting sick alot of the time and stinging, every single morning without fail i end up cranping and needing to pass… seems to be if i eat bread i get worse i only noticed it recently like my joints in my hands started gettign sore had all my bloods done all came back good vitamins levels great etc and celiac came back clear , went for lunch 2 days ago got salmon and there was pastry around it and some sause took off pastry and ate the salmon potatoes etc 15 mins later i felt like i was going to puke all the signs are there that its celiac i started a wheat free diet yesterday was the first time i tryed it and i was HUNGRY all the time due to it will u feel tired for the first week coming off it?? i am a grease junky i eat burgers chips kebabs all the time :( any help needed thanks oh and how long for body to clear from wheat and do sinuses clear too? Thanks

  30. hi, i am an 28yo indian male living in brisbane(australia). i am suffering with diarrhoea. its been 7weeks now. having regular treatment but no relief. have gone through all stool culture tests and blood tests. everything is alright but waiting for the results of celiac serology. my doctor has tried all sort of antibiotics and he just wanted me to wait for results…
    and who said its inexpensive here in australia.. have paid $1000 and no they are going to recommend me for some telescope tests which will cost me $1200-$1500. but they r just tests.. treatment will cost me extra:(

    i have cramps in stomach and little watery stool.. dont know what to do.. i dont take any dairy or gluten products these days but still no relief… any help or suggestions for me??????????

  31. After reading page after page of comments that are so similar from so many people, I am truly glad I chose the career field I did. I am still in school, but I am studying to become a dietitian (graduating in May) and I just wanted to say that I have become increasingly skeptical of our medical industry. Almost every disorder I have studied in some way can be related back to the food we eat. If so many people are suffering from these symptoms one would think the doctors would at least try to figure out what might be causing the problems. Unfortunately, it is a profit run system that really doesn’t care to see you get better – it only strives to serve its own purposes (making money). I am beginning to think that more people have some sort of gluten intolerance than do not. We just write it off as something else. My advice to anyone who cannot get any answers from their doctor is to take a trial run at a gluten free diet. It certainly won’t hurt anything and it might end up changing your life. You may not ever get diagnosed with a clear picture of what is wrong. I have gone for most of my life knowing something wasn’t right and never got an answer from any of the doctors. My tests were negative, the colonoscopy was clear and never once did anyone do food allergy testing even though I’ve asked numerous times. And sometimes those tests aren’t definitive. The only sure way to determine whether you have a non-celiac gluten intolerance is to eat a gluten free diet for a time and then try adding it back in. Many times I have discovered in the trial and error process that I won’t get a reaction for a day or two. This can be very frustrating so the best way to handle this is to eat a fairly bland diet while reintroducing gluten. Dairy should be avoided during this time also because many people with gluten intolerance also have lactose intolerance or milk sensitivities. I realize many of you are figuring this out on your own as I did. Just be vigilant in reading labels and do as much scratch cooking as possible. Any processed food can contain gluten so it is best to avoid it if possible. There are many great informational sources including this website that can steer you in the right direction.

    • Hi Maya!

      Congratulations on your graduation; I’m so glad that a smart, thoughtful and compassionate person like you is a dietitian. When I was much younger I was studying to be a dietitian, but life got in the way.

      I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes 23 years ago when I was 30. Although I have a history of diabetes on both sides of my family, I truly feel that had I

    • (ooops, pressed ‘submit’ too soon!!!) lived a healthy life by exercising, laying off enormous amounts of caffeine and not ingested INSANE & TRULY DESTRUCTIVE amounts of high CHO, fat and highly processed foods, my diabetes wouldn’t have expressed itself.

      Oh well, moving forward…

      I’ve been eating much better and walking, and as a result my BS readings are much better, still not normal but will get there hopefully sooner rather than later.

      I do feel better I guess, but along with body aches and pains, arthritis in my knees and right hand and sleep apnea/deprivation, morbid obesity…I’ve been diagnosed with ‘severe’ ADD & an even more severe
      and debilitating BRAIN FOG that is putting my job at risk (after being employed at the same company for almost 25 years)…after many blood tests, medical & psychological doctor visits, nobody can tell me why my focus & memory are basically GONE, and I am absolutely terrified & devastated.

      I’m starting a gluten-free diet in a couple of days after seeing a PBS special with Dr. David Perlmutter, author of ‘Grain Brain’; I have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain

  32. Sierra Thomas says:

    If I am always tired, and have bloating and a really sensitive stomach do you think I should try going gluten free? We have tried almost everything out there to stop my scoma h from hurting but it never works.

  33. HI Everyone,
    My daughter has had alopecia (spotty hair loss) for the past 5 yrs. She is only 16 and this is really hard, she also has other vague symptoms…fatigue, frequent stomach aches, generalized body aches and weight gain. Since alopecia is an auto-immune disease I was wondering if anyone else who has been diagnosed with Celiac or gluten intolerance has had similar problems or heard that the two are connected?

  34. Try neosporin …

  35. Hi I was just wondering if anyone gets extreme heartburn after they have eaten anything with wheat in it? That always happens to me. It feels like my insides are burning along with it. Thanks! :-)

  36. Help! Just spent 8 hours in the ER because stomach pains so bad, thought it was gallbladder. Ct scan done, ultra sound came back normal, blood work also good. Dr said may be a gluten issue. Started reading and seems I have a lot of the symptons, the rash I have is on the back of my knees, on my hands and neck area…it’s just real itchy, has anyone experienced that. I don’t have it all the time but thinking back I did have bread last nite.

  37. Hi guys, not sure if anyone still uses this but it would be really helpful if you do.

    So I self diagnosed myself as lacose intolerant about a year ago and I was completely fine as long as I didn’t eat any dairy or milk by products. Skip forward about 9 months and I start to feel uncomfortable in my stomach area, completely bloated all of the time if I eat bread or cereal and lethargic constantly. I know that the bloating isn’t down to the lactose because I haven’t been eating it.

    It’s really getting me down, I used to be able to cross country jog for an hour a day and now a little 5 minuet sprint has me gasping for breath, shaky legs and wipes me out for the rest of the day. I’m 18 and I’d say I get bout 8 hours sleep a night but I often have to take 2 hour naps during the day because I literally cannot keep my eyes open.

    So I think it might be gluten, anybody have any ideas?

    Really appreciate it, thanks.

    • I have the same type of symptoms too. I too self diagnosed myself with lactose intolerance and now I feel like I am bloated all the time even though I took out dairy. I am always tired and I too have trouble running. I feel too exhausted to exercise.
      I was wondering too if it had to do with gluten? I am a size 0 and my clothes are not fitting well because of the bloating.
      I’m not sure what the next step would be?

  38. My son is 10 he keeps complaing of stomach aches after almost every meal and sometimes has acid reflex and throws up a little in his mouth. I made an appt with the doctor but now rethinking that because of the possibility of it coming back negative and him still having pain. Do these sound like symptoms of being sensitive to gluten???? Should I just try gluten free items??

  39. Hi my name is Robin & I’m at my wit’s end. About a month ago I got the cold germ going around & sence then I have issue’s. My symptom’s have been awful bloating , feeling of having a brick in the area of my gallbladder & pancre , nausea , loose stool , stool with a mucus texture & so on. I have found that i have suddenly become sensitive to bread , cracker’s that my have wheat ( I’m guessing),. I was digno with Pancreatic divisium ( a division of the pancreas) & I can alway’s tell when my pancreas is acting up & this is very a different feeling. i’m unable to loose weight & i havent gained ether. i’m at a loss. Cant you give me any suggestion’s ? My Dr’s only want to push pill’s on me. it seem’s their not interested in the root cause issue. Thank You Robin

  40. This article was rather informative. I get really bad stomach aches and gas when I eat bread. Whole grain, whole wheat, and tortillas. I feel almost as if someone if blowing air into my stomach, but it hurts. Could that be an allergic reaction to the gluten? Any ideas?

  41. Someone please help me!!
    I’m 14

    and over the past 8 months, I have started getting stomach/colon/intestinel cramps. Very recently I have started having constipation and have lost 6 pounds. I also have started getting tingling or numbness in my hands and fingers. I also get shaky and get the urge to use the bathroom even when I don’t have to. Is this a gluten reaction? Please help, I’m about ready to pull my hair out it hurts so bad. Any help is appreciated :.(

  42. Hello. My daughter thinks she is gluten intolerant but in a fit of hunger ate a Big Mac the other night, with bun, and didn’t suffer.
    Does this prove she is not gluten intolerant, or just a good sign?

    • She could just have a sensitivity to gluten or maybe nothing at all. Maybe she’s eaten something with gluten in it before that also had something else in it that she’s sensitive to. Hard to say.

  43. Hi, Thought I would jump in and comment:) All my life I have had problems physically/ emotionally. I have been diagnosed with everything known to man, Fibromialga, GERD, Ulcers, Migraines, Depression, anyway you get the idea. These all , that I remember, began at 11 years of age. The first Professional Person diagnosed me with Manic Deppresive disorder.(1975) I was 12. They believed that there weren’t physical aspects that effected my body, but STRESS. Which to a degree is true. Through every test known to man in the following years I was diagnosed with seemingly overlapping disorders. By intestinal biopsy, just a curiosity check, they found out I had Celiac Sprue, six months ago. Wow 50 years old, 39 years of suffering symptoms and basically feeling like a hyperchondriac, because they couldn’t pin point it. It has been my experience, that it is pretty much blown off in the Proffesional field, due to the nature and incurability of the disease. More or less all they can do is, hand out paper do ‘s and don’ts , pat you on the back and wish you success. Not knocking anyone, just observing from personal experience. Finally, people that do not experience Celiacs Disease, do not understand the physical, mental struggles. I quit going out to eat for the most part, because the first thing out of my mouth is do you have a gluten free menu, this causing multiple reactions, by the waiter/waitress, confusion…ignorance of even the word gluten, panic in not being able to help the customer…which usually takes 3 to 4 people to come to your table and see if your loco. By then I am so afraid to eat anything there, because really, They didn’t even know what Gluten or Celiacs is. One place even brought a plate (supposedly Gluten Free) with a hugh delicious smelling yeast roll, sitting squarely in the middle of my food:(, ok definately not eating this. Problem solved, don’t eat out. Then theres the inevitable invite to eat at a friend or relatives… who, in total ignorance of the disease, say oh come on a little won’t hurt you, or, just this once you can eat it, what can it hurt? HURT exactly, it does hurt. So needless to say my social life has taken a beating. People are becoming more educated every day though, and it is my hope that someday people will be educated in the public service community. Oh and forget that Bud Light, for years I thought I had a hangover after consuming one or two beers, nope Celiacs. Bad on one level, but good on another. In closing, I will say, 6 months later, but a whole lifetime ago, I am a work in proress. Good luck fellow sufferers, I hope you find some releif.

  44. Has anyone tried the product Zglutn?

  45. Just for the record, non-contaminated, pure oats are gluten-free. The main problem with oats in gluten-free eating is contamination. Most commercial oats are processed in facilities that also process wheat, barley, and rye. The gluten in these ingredients can contaminate oats, and the nature of most gluten intolerances is that even a trace amount of gluten can cause severe discomfort. So that box of Quaker Oats? Probably not gluten-free. The good news is gluten-free oats are widely available and are usually organic.

    • Idem Peter. I’ve been living on oats for the past 3 months. Seems it’s all I can eat for now, besides buffalo meat & pork. I buy the organic version, tested gluten free. Whenever I accidentally ingest wheat product, consuming oats right afterwards actually helps with my symptoms. .Also, I start my day with 2 tbsp of lime or lemon juice in a big glass of water. Helps me a lot.
      On the other hand, most of the Gluten free products out there are not natural & very high in starch & other weird derivatives. Stick to natural & plain. Organic yogurt, root vegetables & lentil soups, etc… I’m just starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel here & I wish everybody good luck!!!

      • I thought oats had gluten in them? But I am with you on the lemon thing, I have actually, just ate a lemon, peel and all, does wonders for the nose and throat. (‘:

  46. Enjoy the info on this blog

  47. I was diagnosed with autoimmune diseases RA an Lupus more than 10 years ago but have had itching, bleeding skin, tiredness and gassy bowel problems for the past few years only. I have lost interest in most foods except for toast and wheat crackers and have gained weight although I eat less. Can one develop a gluten allergy later in life, I wonder? I am now 70.

  48. I’m 19 my mom belives to have developed a glutin intolerince and I’m thinking I might. I have looked at symptoms I found 8 that describe me do you thinks it ok for me to claim that I have a glutin intolerence. If so what should I know about going on a glutin free diet

    • You need to give up ALL gluten it’s tough, but you can do it!!! If you are in lots of pain it’s better to give up gluten then to be in pain!! Good luck!!!

  49. tim tippmann says:

    my feet burn & cramp. I cannot lose weight. could this be from gluten

  50. With Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance awareness coming to the forfront through the media, we can finally start to understand the truly negative side effects of gluten has on the body.
    Once I finally learned I was not crazy for feeling the way I did when I was eating gluten, other people around me started paying more attention to their own diets and started cutting back on gluten ingestion. They now feel better as well. It’s all about awareness!

    • I have been suffering from diarrhea, hair loss, weight loss, and severe eczema on hands and feet with no relief no matter what I try. I am exhausted all the time no matter how much rest I get. I have called my doctor to get a test for celiac disease. The eczema has been with me since April 2012 and nothing is helping. It is not contact eczema it has to come from inside me.